Since the year 1990, Allo! Taxi’Cab is a historic trademark operating continuously in the Montpellier region.

Allo! Taxi’Cab was registered in France on 16 March 1990 at the INPI, under No. 1,627,060, for classes No. 12, 38 and 39, and more particularly for the following goods and services : land, sea and airborne vehicles available to the public for carrying with or without a driver the paid transport of persons and their baggage, or goods exclusively; and to give the possibility to any person transported to communicate with others by sensory means (radio, telephone, digital screen or fax).

This trademark benefits in France and Europe of the principle of anteriority !

It was renewed on March 1, 2000, and on March 1, 2010; it is exploited and therefore in full force since its registration. It has not been promoted because its name is powerful enough to its notoriety.

The solicitations of Internet search engines on the keywords « allo », « taxi », or « cab » naturally propel the web address in the first pages of the localities where these search terms are (or could be) indicated, domiciled.

Allo ! Taxi'Cab

Like the Uber, Lyft, Via, LeCab booking platforms and the Waymo companies (Google car, Alphabet group) or Didi Chuxing, the automaker Daimler and many other car manufacturers also want to significantly boost the efficiency of services mobility in European, American and Asian cities. The mastery of modes of transport by Cab or Taxi within public or private structures and the ability to combine them under a single sign for the future deployment of fleets of vehicles with or without drivers (autonomous vehicles) have become a major issue. In this context, the brand Allo! Taxi’Cab corresponds today exactly to the stakes of the market.
Timelessness, sound, understanding and potential field of action are major assets. His powerful evocative power is the essential element of his strength.



Introduces the notions of speed, responsiveness and flexibility of communication for the user equipped with more and more new technologies developed in telephony and mobile internet (iphone and smartphone).


Recalls the traditional aspect to which large segments of consumers are attached for their private or professional transport. It remains to this day an important social link on all urban and rural territories.


Defines the international capacity to cover today a commercial offer of passenger transport by car with or without driver (autonomous car). This transport service (VTC in France) is constantly developing. It makes it possible to anticipate and amplify mobility in the regions, to structure supply and demand and to think about the evolution of the passenger transport service, both from a technical and geographical point of view.

The brand Allo! Taxi’Cab is positioned today as the essential element of a winning commercial strategy. Using it to develop it at the level of a territory is a real opportunity. This brand carries with it an undeniable vitality and a strong growth potential that can be brought to existing companies and commercial structures. It is the major instrument that can promote the present and future leadership of passenger transport by vehicle with a driver and tomorrow without driver.

Today, to exploit it under contract of « exclusive trademark license » at territorial level it’s adopting the strategy of success !

I hope to count you soon among the future and numerous operators Allo! Taxi’Cab in your area and remain at your disposal for any further information.

See you soon !

Yvan Burtin